• Q: How are you able to offer a guaranteed radio airplay service?
    A: Radio ND  consists of various industry veterans who have over 100 years of combined experience in radio airplay marketing. Through the years, countless relationships have been developed with radio station programmers, djs and radio station owners. We have also formed strategic partnerships with various radio stations of all genres which allow us to guarantee radio airplay for our clients.  

  • Q: How do I know my music is actually being played?
    We provide our clients with detailed radio tracking reports every week (based upon actual marketing campaign selected) from credible industry leading radio monitoring sources such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase, CMJ or DigitalRadioTracker.com. You will be able to see the actual radio airplay spin count and which stations are airing your music, including other pertinent information on these reports. Additionally, you will be able to hear your music online within 48 hours of submitting your music to us! We believe in true accountability that is why we use third party radio tracking versus in-house radio tracking like some of our competitors.

  • Q: How many radio stations can I expect my music to be played on?
    A: It is impossible to say. We service the entire station panel of your genre. It is up to each programmer on whether they choose to add your music to their station’s playlists.  The strategy is to give the listener adequate time to develop potential interest in your song. This is why we focus on  radio airplay spin count and not just a station count which will make an even greater impact on your music.  

  • Q: Do I need to encode my music before using your service?
    A: No, you do not need to encode your music before submitting it to us. We actually prefer that it’s not encoded. We encode your song to ensure it has been encoded properly to assure YOU don't miss one spin on your radio tracking reports. If you have already encoded your music with a particular radio tracking system please notify us when securing your radio marketing campaign.  

  • Q: Do I need hard copy cds?
    A: No, we do not require any hard copy cds unless you are doing our College Radio Airplay Campaign. Everything we do is executed via broadcast quality MP3 of your song. We service our entire panel of radio station programmers/djs with your MP3 as displayed on our website. Your music will also be securely available for all stations to download at anytime during the radio campaign promotional timeline.

  • Q: I am having a problem uploading my MP3 or your website keeps locking up when I try submitting my music...
    A: If you are having a problem uploading your MP3, simply skip the uploading procedure and complete the registration process. Once completed and you have received your receipt for payment, email your MP3 and artwork directly to us at radioairplaypros@gmail.com. You will then receive an email confirmation that we received your music and when your radio airplay campaign will begin!

  • Q: What happens if my song fits in two separate genres, do I have to pay twice in order to get serviced to both genre panels?  
    A: No, we screen your music to make sure we are servicing it to the right genre station panel. Your song will be serviced to ALL panels in which it fits their format at no additional charge to you.

  • Q: Do I need to pay for my radio tracking reports separately from your service?
    A: No, you do not need to subscribe to BDS, Mediabase, DigitalRadioTracker.com or CMJ. Depending on the promotional radio airplay campaign selected, we ALWAYS provide these radio tracking reports to you for FREE with your campaign purchase. Of course you can subscribe if you wish, but they can be very costly and you may want to use that budget for additional radio airplay marketing services we provide. All of our base packages include DigitalRadioTracker.com radio tracking reports which consists of a breakdown of reporting radio stations information. This includes radio station name, breakdown of radio airplay detections per day as well as weekly totals. If desired, we can even provide as a courtesy one free report with the EXACT time of day your song was played through DRT's Comprehensive Reports!

    Your music is place on a server for FM radio stations. This is radio's #1 place for discovering new music! Currently more than 16,750+ radio program directors, music directors, mix show djs and industry professionals throughout the US, Canada and Europe are actively visit the server to seek new music for their Commercial FM Radio stations. The FM Server is a premier industry server where they can securely preview and download (Broadcast Quality MP3) the latest records currently impacting radio airplay. Also, it assist programmers in discovering new product and possibly leading to radio airplay. It is also a way of getting your music to potentially hundreds of radio station programmers in your genre at one time as well as assist radio programmers discover new music. The FM Server is a great way to potentially exposure your music to the decision makers at the time they are looking for new music to play! Although there is no spin guarantees with having your song placed on the server, we will provide you with weekly reports which covers the first month of previews and downloads.

    It is a great way to assure your music is available to virtually all Commercial FM Radio stations in your genre as well as assist with the spreading of your airplay story. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to make sure your music is at the radio station without wasting money on cds and having to do mail-outs! Have your song placed in front of key decision makers today! Your song will be available for the programmers/djs to preview/download within 48 hours and reports will follow every Monday for the next 4 weeks!


    Our main focus is to ensure the radio station has your music and PLAYING your music! We specialize in a variety of radio formats such as CHR/Top 40, Rhythmic, Urban and Urban AC in securing major Commercial FM Radio airplay. At this time we are currently not accepting genres in Rock, Country, Gospel, Jazz and Americana music as part of our customized Commercial campaigns. However, you can contact us for a quality referral. Every radio campaign is customized to assure GUARANTEED RESULTS and MAXIMIZE your promotional radio marketing budget! Our customized major Commercial FM Radio campaigns are a minimum of 4 weeks and include Mediabase and/or BDS reports every Monday.

    We also offer extended campaigns such as 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. We have direct relationships with more than 300+ stations in the genre mentioned and are able to customize your campaign whether it's regional, national or possibly even local! If you are interested in our customized commercial radio campaigns, simply email us your MP3 along with your proposed start-up FM Radio budget and targeted areas of interest. We will have your song surveyed by our FM Radio stations and within 24 hours email a marketing game plan outline of exactly what we can offer for your budget on your record. This radio marketing outline will inform you of the stations we will secure airplay on for you as well as an estimated spin range you can expect. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss the campaign and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Once your radio campaign is in place the radio stations on our game plan will begin playing your song usually within 7 to 10 business days and we will provide you with Mediabase and/or BDS reports every Monday for the length of your campaign.